“There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, "It is just as I feared!— Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard.” . When the world doesn’t make sense, it’s a great time for nonsense. #EdwardLear as done by the #FolioSociety for the win! #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

“The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the glowing opinion we hold of ourselves with the appalling things that other people think about us.” #quentincrisp #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

“I got kicked out of university after delivering a brilliant lecture on the aggressive influence of German philosophy on rock and roll entitled ‘You, Kant, Always Get What You Want’.” #hedwig With John Cameron Mitchell signature; $100. #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks #hedwigandtheangryinch #johncameronmitchell #playbill

The Wiener Werkstaette (the Vienna Workshop) was an amazing coming-together of artists in the early 1900s. We’re reminded of it by the artists we see in the current crisis joining together online to keep up our spirits, read to our children, teach us new things, give us virtual tours of museums, and more. Thank you! Keep it up, everyone! Our special skill is keeping you in books. Call us to make a private appointment or have books shipped! #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

#Repost @atxfurbabies: Our hero! ・・・ Social distancing but still supporting local shops: I emailed the owner and she found me some books to pick up! @socobooks . . @atxfurbabies Thanks for demonstrating a new wave of commerce in the face of coronavirus. It can be done! P.S. Thanks also for your support of little libraries! . #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

What to do when you’re stuck inside self-isolating, besides binge-watching contagion movies? Well, we have some ideas...! The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, 1958 edition. Trainspotting, 1996 first U.S. edition. #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongress

Friends, neighbors, shoppers, we are CLOSED as of today, but we’re still available to you via private appointment on request; email; our website; and right here on social media. Here’s to self-insulation (as a friend of ours calls it!), staying healthy, and flattening that curve. Yours in solidarity from all of us at South Congress Books! #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love.” #leonardcohen How apropos! Poems by Leonard Cohen; paintings by Henri Matisse; signed by Cohen (Matisse was unavailable 😂 ); $300. Remember we’re available by phone, email, website, social media, if you’re staying in. #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

A heartfelt #Repost from @partsandlabour with @get_repost: ・・・ Well, hello all! What can I say that you haven't already heard & read? Nothing. It's a weird weird time. Through everything, I'm trying real hard to keep my head on straight, not add to the gossip, & keep my business going as smoothly as possible. I suppose this is me asking for a favor from everyone to please be conscious of where your hard earned money is going. This city was built on small independent businesses who are now steadily getting smushed by big business (often disguised as small businesses) & this mess isn't helping. As annoying as huge festivals can be to locals, they are responsible for keeping a large part of the city employed, fed, & housed. Yes, we're a shop full of nonessential goodies, but those goodies we offer are designed and produced by Texas independent artists. The next time you're at Target to raid the toilet paper aisle, put down that "adulting prize" of a tenth pair of sunglasses & a pint of ice cream & spend it on a record from @endofanear that you can enjoy all holed up in your germ free house, or buy a book from @socobooks that you can read while listening to the rain next week. Buy a bag of locally roasted Wild Gift coffee from @cenoteaustin to brew at home. Raid the new @austincreativereuse for cheap crafting supplies because someone you know has "forever spring break" now. Adore all the vintage treasures at @uncommonobjects , save your money on taking an e-scooter and walk to your local taqueria for lunch. Not to say we wouldn't love your patronage, because we definitely would, as would my employees & all the vendors we host, but it's a group effort, right? Pass that kindness & consideration on. Share your love for Austin small businesses & artists here, like so many have been sharing us with the world on social media lately. We get it, we still need to live our lives, through all the germs and fake news, so if you don't feel like leaving home, in honor of our 16th year in business, we're offering a super discounted rate of $1.60 on shipping on everything we sell online at Aren't we all kitties hanging from a tree branch right now?! Thanks and hang in der!

SXSW 2020 got canceled, so we at #SoCoBooks are starting the weekend with a non-SXSW sale. Now through March 22, all music posters are 15% off! Those who know us know this is a rare event—make the most of it while you can. We and all the other local, independent, small businesses on South Congress, in Austin, and everywhere else need your support always, but especially in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can shop online with us or call if you’re not venturing out much—but if you are, we’re here. #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks

“Collage is the twentieth century's greatest innovation.” #RobertMotherwell We have several more works by the superbly talented Lance Letscher in the shop right now. Act now...they don’t tend to stick around for long. #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks #lanceletscher #art #collage

“Laughter is the yesterday's slight beard, the negligee among emotions.” #WilliamFaulkner #Wild Palms Having read this quote, we’re now experiencing the emotional negligee...😂 . #socobooks #usedcollectibleunique #southcongressbooks #faulkner