Our mind is blown that we have this for sale in our shop. You? . “I have gathered into this book two plays, written before the foundation of the Irish Theatre though much corrected since, and four plays written but the other day and intended for performance in drawing-room and studio, and a long series of dramatic notes. . . . Though often about foolish quarrels, or plays but little better, they may keep their use even when that occasion passes; being passionately written, and at a moment when Ireland was preparing, in that dark portion of the mind which is like the other side of the moon, for insurrection and anarchic violence . . .” #wbyeats #playsandcontroversies #socobooks #southcongressbooks #yeats

I think that men and women, shoulder to shoulder, will work together to make this a better world. Just as I don’t think that men are the superior sex, neither do I think women are. I think that it is great that we are beginning to use the talents of all of the people, in all walks of life, and that we no longer have the closed doors that we once had.” #ruthbaderginsburg #IrinCarmon #NotoriousRBG #socobooks #southcongressbooks #TheLifeandTimesofRuthBaderGinsburg

Back when we thought Austin traffic was bad but we had no clue, the music was just as awesome as it is now, but the posters were better. And we’ve got a ton of them. 😉 #socobooks #southcongressbooks #aclfest #acl2019 #acl #soapcreeksaloon #savages #sonsofhercules #alvincrow

“In yet another commercial, Oprah somberly says, ‘Inside every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be.’ This is a popular notion, the idea that the fat among us are carrying a thin woman inside. Each time I see this particular commercial, I think, I ate that thin woman and she was delicious but unsatisfying.” #roxanegay #hunger #socobooks #southcongressbooks #popculture

...she [Méret Oppenheim] emphasized, "women are not goddesses, not fairies, not sphinxes. All these are the projections of men." Having addressed these fantasies directly in her work, and participated in others' fantasies about her, Oppenheim saw this as the chief task of the female artist: "to prove via one's lifestyle that one no longer regards as valid the taboos that have been used to keep women in a state of subjugation for thousands of years. Freedom is not given; one has to take it." 🔥Quoted from with thanks🔥 . #socobooks #art #artbooks #surrealism #surrealist #meretoppenheim #méretoppenheim

“It's there all the time, driving me out to wander the streets, following me, silently, but I can feel it there. It's me, pursuing myself!” #HansBeckert #FritzLang #M #socobooks #filmbooks #film #cinema

Whew! Just sold this one and so will not become a titular example this month. 😂 Help us stay that way by coming by the shop soon! (And we’re online too at WILL Y(ou) DARLING? #socobooks #thebankruptbookseller #WillYDarling